Your Sustainable Shopping Assistant.

We make sustainable shopping online what it should be. Simple, honest and fun. You're the shopper. How you want to shop is up to you. We call it being Sustie!

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Shop online as normal

From your formal wear to your ski suits and everything in between, browse online and let us do the rest.

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We’ll curate personalised sustainable alternatives

Our featured brands and marketplaces are vetted based on their certifications, company ethos, social & environmental impact, manufacturing materials, supply chain and people practices.

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Add in just a few clicks

Download our browser extension - it's free for you to use and always will be!

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People love Sustie

I would like the tool to actually tell the true sustainability of the product and not only that it’s ‘greener’ than other non-green products since buying something new in itself isn’t sustainable.

Impressive tool! The market definitely needs this!

I always found it hard to find good sustainable info on products, but sustie made it very easy

I don’t think people or companies know actually what sustainablity is which makes engagement around it really hard

I have nor considered sustainable clothes before, but this tool is so easy to use.

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