Scaling climate action for the fashion industry

On a mission to lift revenue and improve the climate impact of your brand. All at the same time.

We automate LCA, carbon accounting and carbon removal for fashion retailers.

Sustainable storytelling and direct climate action weaved seamlessly into your product portfolio

Simple and speedy to integrate, the sustie API embeds carbon footprint and climate action into your product card, enhancing the commercial performance and environmental impact of your business.

Build positive
customer relations ​

With a 3-month A/B testing period, you can verify the positive effect climate storytelling has on customer engagement and retention.

Boost sales with
full transparency ​

Displaying the carbon footprint for each product with a palpable compensation strategy can help merge purpose and profit. 

Leave greenwashing
claims behind​

Words no longer cut it – 88% of customers expect real climate action at the forefront of brands’ environmental agenda. 

Increase your cart
completion rate​

Our current client roster has observed an average cart completion lift of 7% while using the sustie API. 

Calculate.Cut. Compensate.

Taking control of your climate impact, more streamlined than ever. We’ve developed a fully automated carbon accounting platform for navigating and empowering your business on a journey towards positive climate action.


Regulatory compliance

Avoid regulatory risks and improve your environmental impact on a path to net-zero emissions.   

Conversion to sales

Data shows displaying direct climate action on the product card can help you increase conversion by 20%. 

Return on Investment

Outperform your competitors by implementing solid sustainability practices.

Customer retention

Build consumer credibility and trust by joining a roster of brands committed to making a positive change in the industry. 

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We're paving the way
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