B2B Fashion Carbon Footprint Calculator & Climate Action API

Climate action with every transaction

We make sustainable storytelling for fashion brands what it should be – simple, honest and impactful.

Your brand has a sustainability story, let us help you tell it and match it!

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Packed & full of features.


Calculate your product footprint

We measure the environmental and carbon footprint of your products with our algorithm drawing on cradle to gate data.


Customize the climate action

Increase brand engagement by displaying the sustainability of your products and attaching a positive climate action.


Show off your climate action

We will send your customers traceable impact telling the story of each purchase, and showcasing your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

We easily integrate sustainable storytelling and climate action to your products

Increase customer engagement, loyalty and trust by displaying the sustainability of your products and attaching climate action. Let your customers know your commitment to sustainable practices and see the direct impact of their purchase on people and planet.

Our solution makes climate impact simple

We are revolutionising the way we build trust between brands and their customers. We credibly calculate the impact of your product and match that with positive impact.

We are making fair fashion the standard.

Supported Platforms

Climate impact with every purchase

Supporting social and environmental causes should be as easy as possible. We’ve established great partnerships so that you can skip the contracts, fees and manual setup. We partner with social impact organisations to match with your purchases made in your online store including: 

  • Trefadder
  • Empower
  • Eden Reforestation Project 
  • WeForest
  • One Tree Planted
and many more! 
impact partners

Simple Pricing for Your brand

Our footprint calculator and climate action frees you to focus on improving your sustainable fashion brand, supply chain and retaining your loyal customers.

Small Brand / Hobbyist

Climate impact fees (starting at $2)




Climate impact fees (starting at $1)



Pro Enteprise +

Climate impact fees (starting at $0.20)

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We provide a product that creates sustainable storytelling on your website and a traceable positive climate action increasing conversion to sales and brand loyalty.